TRAVEL INTERVIEW: 5 questions with free spirits-Wanderers and Warriors 

Interview with Wanderers and Warriors

Hey guys, and welcome back to my mini interview series. My next interview is with the amazing Charlie and Lauren of Wanderers and Warriors!

Meet Wanderers and Warriors

Charlie and Lauren are a free spirited couple from Peterborough, England. They both share the same passions in life and it’s very clear these guys were destined to be together. Soon to hit 100k on Instagram and it’s not hard to see why! They both wear their hearts on their sleeves and inspire us daily. Wether it’s to get out there and travel or to spread love and kindness, they really do spread good vibes all over the world!

You’re very interactive on your Instagram. How do you manage to do this and also stay ‘in the moment’ and do you ever feel like you need to take a break?

Yes we always interact with our followers as much we can. We make time to interact around our posting time and reply to the DM’s every morning and every night before we go to bed. Then throughout the day we never really use Instagram for general browsing pleasure. We always like to fully experience where we are and not be stuck behind a screen!

You’ve been to some amazing places and you’re always visiting a new location. How do you manage to budget and do all these amazing things?

We live very cheaply! Eat very local and we sleep in budget accommodation. We maintain our upkeep through Instagram advertisements and some income through the blog.

I love both of your sense of humour! What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on your adventures?

Sometimes travelling can be stressful so we always try to make the best of everything. There’s no one thing that stands out but the funniest times are always with each other. Staying up late and making each other laugh is our specialty. We always end up laughing at our own stupid jokes and entertain ourselves completely. Charlie is definitely the joker and when he sees someone laughing he will go through all the effort to not let them stop!

Since you’ve travelled for quite some time, what has been the most valuable thing you have both learnt? What would be the best advice you’d give to a fellow traveller/backpacker?

The most valuable thing we have learnt along the way is to really look after the people that look after you. It’s pretty easy to get scammed and taken advantage of across Asia so you will always have your guard up and not trust too easily. You will find the odd people that will just get you and are willing to look after you. Look after them too!
Always be kind and make impacts on peoples lives. Ask about their stories, respect other people’s cultures and learn every little thing you can about the world.

This gets asked a lot in travel interviews, but I have to ask! Your bucket list! What’s the top 5 places Wanderers and Warriors would like to visit next?

We would love to visit New York at Christmas.

The northern lights in Iceland!

Japan is highly spoken of and we’d love to experience this very different side of Asia!

Maldives is a dream destination!

And lastly, an African Safari!

Thank you for the inspiration

Wow, that bucket list is literally GOALS! Thank you Charlie and Lauren for taking the time to do this interview. I was super excited when I got a reply. I’m really grateful. Thank you!

You guys inspire so many people around the world, including myself. It’s not often I come across an Instagram caption which encourages me to change my mindset and makes me really think about what I’m doing. (Not that I’m doing anything wrong,) these guys just help me to make the RIGHT choices…More. We all have a voice and we should use it to spread love and kindness, spread knowledge and raise awareness and remember not to take life too seriously.
Thank you for sharing the positive vibes, thought provoking insta captions and your hilarious insta stories.

Keep on sharing those positive vibes ??

Follow Charlie and Lauren on Instagram @wanderersandwarriors

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Peace and love,

Hannah Jean


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