TRAVEL INTERVIEW: 5 questions with the wanderlust- Your Passport

5 questions with Your Passport

Hey guys! Welcome back to my mini interview series. I’m really excited about this next interview as its with the beautiful Lara Kimnick of  Your Passport!

Get to know Lara of @your_passport

Meet Lara Kimnick the creator behind @your_passport. Currently travelling with her soul mate Uros,  @your_passage and sharing their amazing adventures on Instagram and their blog Your Passport & Your Passage. Lara is a passionate writer, creator and, of course traveler from Slovenia. Lara holds a journalism degree but decided to leave her writing career behind and went on to become a flight attendant. After being a flight attendant and living in the United Arab Emirates for 3 years, Lara decided to follow her dreams and become a full time traveler. With thanks to Lara’s family she still gets to write about her passions via her blog, which was gifted to her when she became a flight attendant. And now look how far she has come, travelling the world with her partner, Uros, whilst living their best life!

1. Can you tell us what your_passport is all about? What are your_passions?

Your_passport is all about traveling the world with her partner @your_passage. We explore together, create together, do business together. We’re always pushing our creative limits and our_passions brought us some of the most engaged audience of adventurers on the internet today. 🙂

2. You’ve been travelling for almost two years, do you ever feel home sick?

We travel most of our time, but do get back home every once in a while. We might stay for a week, but then our feet quickly start to itch. 🙂

3. Do you have any advice on travelling with a partner? How do you and @your_passage manage not to get on each others nerves ?

We do get on each others nerves! But not most of the time though haha. Basically patience is the key, we keep learning and improving each other, giving each other space when working, too, and always seeking each others opinion. We appreciate and love what we have and what we are able to create together. So gratefulness, every day.

4. What is your favourite thing about travelling? What inspires you to build up those passport stamps?

We’re not just building up those passport stamps, though. We eventually return to the same places – we love going back as much as we love traveling to new places. Mainly, it’s the feeling of being free and wild, love towards the world and outdoors, exploration of new. We were born adventure souls. 🙂

5. I love reading your blog and seeing how much you have achieved is amazing. What advice would you give to make a blog a successful one?

Thank you for these lovely words! Well, there is not a single key to success. You gotta keep learning every day, keep Googling and Youtubing (that’s basically how we’ve done everything – ourselves), stay motivated and UNIQUE – offer something different, fresh, and mostly knowledge that there is no elevator to success is what makes you successful!

Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement

Thank you Lara for taking the time to take part in my mini interview series. I’m really grateful 🙂

Stumbling upon Lara’s Instagram several months was a blessing in disguise. I was going through a phase of ‘what’s the point?!’ Looking through Lara’s aesthetically pleasing Instagram truly inspired me. I then had a nose through her story highlights, such as her Q&A and Tips & Tricks. I felt so much more positive after reading them and I couldn’t believe I was even doubting myself. After messaging Lara and telling her how much she inspired me she sent a lovely message back and even followed me. It may seem silly to some but it really made my day. Thank you so much Lara.


“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows”

Many people have their idols and celebrity crushes but its people like Lara and others in the travel community who really inspire me and help me to achieve my goals.

Keep on pushing…

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I hope you enjoyed this mini interview series. Let me know what you thought in the comments 🙂

Peace and love,

Hannah Jean

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