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Interview with Travel Leap

Meet Asja and JP, together they make Travel Leap. Asja was born and raised in the North East of Italy while JP is from Durban, South Africa. They spontaneously met in a bar whilst working in South Africa, fell in love, quit their 9-5 life and hit the road. Asja and JP are now travelling the world together whilst inspiring us by sharing their passion for photography, teaching us more about sustainable travel and tell captivating travel stories on their Instagram and blog.

Our mission is to make everyone fall in love with the world and be inspired to travel with an open heart and sustainable soul. We hope that our journeys, photos and stories will make you realise that beauty is not an exception in this world and can be found in places you would have never expected.“- Travel Leap.


1. What made you fall in love with travelling?

It’s difficult to explain, but for us travelling is just a natural state, we literally cannot imagine living our lives in the same place every day! We were both really lucky as our parents took us around the world travelling since very young age (Anastasia’s first international trip was to Brazil at 4 years old and JP’s to the USA at 3 years old), that definitely had an impact on us!

2. You’re very passionate about sustainable living, how do you manage this whilst travelling and do you have any tips on how to travel in a more sustainable way?

We try to live and travel in the most sustainable way possible, and we aim to promote this type of travelling through Travel Leap. On our side, we try to avoid plastic as much as possible, we look for eco-friendly hostels and hotels, we choose carefully the restaurants we visit and any other business we support through our travels. The first step is definitely to become aware of the impact of your choices. Can you avoid using plastic bottles, straws, packaged products? Can you eat less meat? Can you support the local business instead of the big corporations? 

Once you start asking yourself these questions every time you are about to visit a new place, you will be already making a positive impact through your informed choices. 

“What matters to us, is the type of places we promote, discuss and suggest through this platform. One of the primary reasons we started Travel Leap is to promote a way of travelling that can be defined as responsible and sustainable.”

3. You have both lived in quite a few countries. Where has been both of your favourite places to live?

Such a tough question! Each placed we lived together (Durban, South Africa; London; Paris) had its own pro and cons. Durban has the most amazing nature and outdoor lifestyle but is less international. London has everything you can imagine, but the weather and the cost can impact quite a lot your lifestyle. Paris is beautiful and perfect to enjoy life, but you need to know French to integrate properly. Let’s just say that we are still looking for our perfect place! 

4. What advice would you give to someone who needs to take that ‘travel leap’ ?

Taking the ‘leap’ is definitely not easy, it took us five years to finally decide to quit our jobs. So don’t worry, when the right moment arrives you will feel that is time! In the meantime, continue to plan and to visualize your dream. 

During those five years, we made sure to save enough money we needed for the trip and we also took a series of life decisions always keeping in mind that eventually, we would be on the road (for example, we don’t own a house or a car). We definitely recommend to give yourself enough time to plan and to save the right amount of money, as this will ease off the stress of not having a secure income. 

5. What’s next for travel_leap? 

Our travels through South America will end at the end of August and afterward, we will spend a month in Europe before we head off to Asia!

Keep on inspiring

Thank you Asja and JP for taking the time to do this interview. You inspire so many with your photography and travel stories. And not just that, you teach us how to live a more sustainable life on this planet. Something I am also passionate about and hope to do in the future. I look forward to seeing your next adventures.

I hope you enjoyed reading our interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. I really hope you can take inspiration from this. Wether it’s to make that ‘travel leap’ or to make better choices when it comes to sustainable living. Or, maybe you want to start an adventure of your own. Whatever it is, follow your dreams and do what makes you happy.

What you are seeking, is seeking you.”

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Peace and love,

Hannah Jean x

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