Top 3 things to do in Vang Vieng, Laos

that wanderlust boho at the blue lagoon in vang being, Laos

Top 3 things to do in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is filled with incredible mountains and surrounded with stunning natural scenery, a place packed with adventure. Vang Vieng is the perfect place for backpackers wanting to explore.

that wanderlust boho on top of nam say in Laos

How to get around

Getting around Vang Vieng is relatively easy. Many things are within walking distance but hiring a scooter is so cheap to get around you should take advantage. Enjoy the winding roads and beautiful scenery while you travel to your destination.

that wanderlust boho riding a scooter in Laos

Scooter rental for 1 day costs- 80,000- 100,000 Kip

Before you go

These 3 spots are quite spread out in Vang Vieng but you could visit them all in one day if you set out early enough. I’d recommend seeing them over 2 days to really take it all in. Before you set off on your adventure make sure to pack water and some snacks. And don’t forget your helmets for your scooter. The roads are bumpy.

Top 3 things to do:

Nam Xay Viewpoint

that wanderlust boho on motorbike on top of nam say viewpoint in vang vieng, Laosthat wanderlust boho on top of nam say viewpoint in vang vieng laos

A stunning 360° view of the Vang Vieng valley below, rice fields, patchwork fields of green and magical mist. To get to the top requires a 500m steep hike so wear sensible footwear. Once at the top the view is mesmerising and you can also chill in the little hut made by the local farmers. The route there is an added bonus as the road leading to Nam Xay winds through villages and farm lands. The views are so picturesque. Aim to do this for sunrise and you might catch the odd hot air balloon rising beneath the fiery sunrise.

Entrance fee- 10,000 Kip

Cave Exploring

that wanderlust boho going to hang cave, vang being, Laosthat wanderlust boho looking at lagoon in jang cavethat wanderlust boho crossing orange bridge in vang vieng, Laos

There are many caves to explore in Vang Vieng but Jang Cave is one of the most popular. When you arrive you’ll find a staircase leading into the mountain, as you climb to the top you’ll see the cave entrance. The walkways lead you around the cave like a maze. If it’s a hot day take a dip in the fresh water lagoon at the entrance. It’s very serene & peaceful. To get here is a short walk from Vang Vieng town and you must cross the orange bridge to enter.

Bridge costs- 5,000 Kip

Entrance fee- 20,000 Kip

Opening times- 8am-5pm

Secret Blue Lagoon

that wanderlust boho at the blue lagoon in vang being, Laos

Not many things remain a secret these days but the Blue Lagoons in Vang Vieng are still pretty unknown to the masses. There are 6 Lagoons in total, 1 being the closest and busiest and 6 being the furthest away and quietest. Here is Blue Lagoon 3, it’s off the beaten track and you can enjoy this place all by yourself if you head there early enough. Enjoy the peaceful scenery, have fun on the zip wire and swing or go explore the nearby caves. If you do head to the caves don’t forget your camera as the view is pretty awesome.

Entrance fee- 20,000 Kip

Parking fee- 2,000 Kip

Where to eat

There is a restaurant at blue lagoon 1 but it’s pretty over priced. Head to blue lagoon 3 where they have a restaurant which sells a small range of local food for a good price and it’s not so busy.

Where to stay

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