Top 10 influencers you need to follow

Social media can be pretty overwhelming on times but it is one of the biggest platforms to build great work and get noticed for it. Instagram is one of my main sources for inspiration and a place for me to express myself.

Here are some of my favourite influencers on Instagram right now. The main culprits behind me staying in bed nosing rather than getting ready for work lol!

Top 10

10. @theartistedit

Being a makeup artist myself, I’m constantly looking for inspiration and this Instagram is the perfect source. They share artists from all over the world and the artistry is incredible. Definitely worth a follow if you love make-up.

9. @tashoakley

If you need motivation to get in shape then look no further. Tash is beautiful, has a killer body and travels to some beautiful places. When I want to get bikini body ready for my travels Tash’s insta is perfect to give me that kick up the bum I need!

8. @miaconnor

Mia is one of my favourite makeup artists at the moment. She’s not your typical “Instagram makeup artist”, her looks are fresh and beautiful. I love how she creates flawless skin and the brows are always perfection. If you have a makeup obsession then check her out. She lists all the products she uses which is always good, just maybe not for your bank balance!

7. @thediscvrr

This page is perfect if you are addicted to travel, like me! The Discoverer shares travel pictures from around the globe but also shares some information about the place in the picture. I find this really interesting and you get to imagine a little better what that place might be like.

6. @zoelaz

Zoe ticks a few boxes for me- travel, fashion, beauty and home decor! I love all of them and any inspiration is always welcome. Zoe’s got one of those Instagram styles that you just like every picture. I feel like I’d like to know more about her although I love what she’s doing.

5. @monologue 

I only recently discovered this Instagram, it’s amazing! Ramona basically drives around in her cool Morris Minor taking beautiful shots of picturesque Somerset, England. I have been to some of the places and really enjoy being reminded of the beauty. Again, there’s that Instagram colour theme that I love! I totally need to up my editing skills. Definitely check out Monalogue’s Instagram as you will be on the next flight to England, just by seeing her pics!

4. @doyoutravel

I first discovered Jacks page from a news article on Facebook. I loved his story. Going from a 9-5 job in Manchester, U.K to travelling the world full time. He took a risk and now he’s one of the most successful travel influencers with 2.8 million followers! It’s incredible! Jack has made a successful career out of doing what he loves over several years. Jack and Lauren (his girlfriend) helped me make my decision to go travelling, the passion was always there but they totally inspired me to take that risk and just wing it for once.

3. @elsas_wholesomelife

If you’re a foodie then definitely follow Ellie! Her Instagram is really inspiring and not just for the recipes! Ellie is a dietician and expresses her passions for eating a plant based/vegan diet. Even though there are a lot of places you can find vegan friendly/plant based inspired lifestyles, I feel Ellie has a more relaxed and educating approach. As a vegetarian myself, I do enjoy seeing more veggie friendly options and Ellie’s recipes look delicious! Her book ” Elsa’s wholesome life” is on my next purchase list. Ellie also has another Instagram @elliebullen which is also a fave of mine!

2. @dreaming_outloud

I absolutely adore Hayley’s Instagram, well, Hayley too, ofcourse! Her theme is slightly different to the usual I see and I love it. I may have took some inspiration from her insta lol. I love that she is really boho/kinda wanna say tomboy ‘ish too! She skateboards, takes amazing pics and has the cutest relationship with her now hubby- Bryce. You should check these pair out on YouTube. I recommend watching the camera gear video as that was really good and definitely watch their wedding vlog- so beautiful!

1. @gypsea_lust

I don’t know where to start with Lauren’s Instagram! I mean- it’s awesome! 1. I have a total girl crush on her. 2. She travels the world and takes amazing pics. 3. Her style is amaze ? Ok, so what more do you want?! But, not just that, Lauren and Ellie (her twin sister mentioned above) have such a positive influence on their followers. From encouraging a plant based diet to an eco friendly lifestyle. These two things are SO important right now and I love that their using their influence positively. I hope to see more influencers jumping on board this year.

For the photography lovers, Lauren & Jack have recently launched their presents, I mean, finally ?? I need to learn how to use Lightroom! If you’d like to know more about Lauren then check out her blog ‘gypsealust’, there you will find out a bit more of her background and more details on the places she travels. It’s amazing how far she has come considering in 2016 she had 62k followers on Instagram and now she boasts 1.9 MILLION! That’s such an amazing achievement and she’s my number one ??



And there you have it! My top 10 influencers 🙂

Make sure to check back soon to find out where I’ll be going travelling this year! I’m so excited!


As always, thanks for reading <3

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  1. Thank you for including me ? love how you included lots of different niches in your list, beautiful accounts!

    1. thatwanderlustboho says: Reply

      Oh wow! Thank you so much ❤️

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