My travel itinerary

I’m leaving the UK

To even be writing this feels crazy. If you’ve followed me since I started my blogging journey then you’ll know I’ve been wanting/planning to travel for a long time. The itchy feet started quite some time ago. I landed my dream job at MAC Cosmetics and managed to accomplish a lot in my first year of working there. Then I started to want more but I really didn’t know what ‘more’ was. It wasn’t until getting holiday blues badly after every trip, which ended up in me booking the next one within days of being home that I realised I needed to fulfil the wanderlust in me. I’ve always been ambitious but this time it wasn’t for success, it was for my pure happiness.

The build up

Understandably, I couldn’t just book my flights with the snap of my fingers. I had to save and in the world of Hannah (me) that was a massive challenge. My Grandad always said to me, even as a child that ‘money burns a hole in your pocket.’ He wasn’t wrong either. Saving had always been a challenge for me because I quite simply liked to buy nice things.

When you want something bad enough you’ll do anything to achieve it. That’s how I started saving. I’d feel really sad at the thought of not being able to travel because I couldn’t save and the thought of holding myself back just wasn’t an option. It’s only natural to have those doubts but I chose to ignore them. Within a month or two I’d achieved my first goal and then it goes from there really. You just keep wanting to hit the next goal and then the next one. Before you know it you’re well on your way.

Booking the flights

Booking the flights was THE BEST FEELING EVER! I honestly had tears in my eyes leaving Cardiff’sĀ STA Travel. Becky, who helped us book our flights was so helpful and really informative about each place we are planning to visit. (When I say ‘we’ I mean my partner, Max and myself šŸ™‚ ).

So, where are we going I hear you ask?

Our travel itinerary

  1. Our first stop will be 3 weeks in Sri Lanka.
  2. Then onto a place I never could imagine visiting…. The MALDIVES for 1 whole week!
  3. Change of scenery for 3 nights in Singapore.
  4. Next stop, Thailand for 30 days. Landing in Krabi for a week, then Bangkok and finally spending Christmas & NYE in Chiang Mai. I’m going to see the elephants, YAY!
  5. By bus or boat to Loas for 10 days.
  6. A long bus ride into Cambodia next.
  7. Then travelling into Vietnam for 2 weeks and ending up in the beautiful Hanoi.
  8. From the beauty of Hanoi to the hustle and bustle in Hong Kong for a week.
  9. This next place is a serious bucket list destination… We’re going to FIJI for 2 weeks. Hello Swiss Family Robinson.
  10. Lastly, we’ll fly in Brisbane, get a van and do a road trip along the coast to Melbourne.

My dreams are coming true

It took a long time to actually go ahead and do this. It has definitely taken a lot of courage for me to bite the bullet and book these flights. I didn’t let my doubts take over and now I can put two fingers up to that self doubt!

Saying goodbye to my family and friends is going to be incredibly hard. I can’t begin to imagine how it’ll feel to temporarily say goodbye but it’s exactly that. Temporarily. Opportunities like this don’t always come by so when they do grab it and don’t let go!

Don’t worry about the ‘what ifs’ and ‘buts’! Do what makes you happy. Wether that means buying your first home, your dream job or travelling, just do it! Don’t let the expectations of life take control because I’m 28 years old and I haven’t done half the things ‘I should have’ by now.

If you’d like to know more on how I booked my flights and future plans, then please let me know in the comments šŸ™‚

Peace and love,


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  1. No. 4 of your Travel itinerary brought me to tears. Visiting and spend time with the beautiful Elephants, is what I would love to do.
    I really hope you share the experience with us.


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