My reasons to travel the world.

Why I want to travel the world…

Everyone says “I’d love to travel the world”, but they never do? Why is that? Because people basically talk themselves out of doing what scares them. Everyone has passions to explore the world and I admire that in someone.

My reasons for travelling are not so much “I’d love to go travelling”. It’s a deep longing, almost unexplainable as to why you want to wander the world.

I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy with my life currently. I live at home with my family, I have a boyfriend who I love deeply and I have my dream job at MAC Cosmetics.

So, why would I want to leave all of that behind?

Firstly, my boyfriend has agreed to travel with me. So, I’m not leaving him behind. Gosh! That would be unbearable. But, seriously, who wouldn’t want to go travelling with their best friend?

My home? My home is always going to be there. However, leaving my family would be SO hard as I’m pretty much a home bird, a Mammy’s girl. (It had to be said)… But, I can’t let that stop me. I’ve even asked my Mam to come visit me.

For the record, I’m Welsh and currently live in the valleys. Hence why I wrote “Mam”.

My job? Honestly? Landing my dream job two years ago was THE BEST THING EVER! I get to say I work at MAC and I have an amazing MAC family. It’s not even about not enjoying it anymore, I just ended up getting itchy feet, I guess.

This is what helped me realize that I need to go travelling. If I’m not at my happiest with my dream job, then what do I want?

So, what do I want?

I want to see what’s out there. Different cultures, ethnicity’s and surroundings. I’d love to experience another countries tradition. I.e, The Balinese Dance or The Holi Festival in India. To feel the warm sand between my toes on one of Thailand’s famous beaches and to hear the crashing of waves against the shore at night. To be amongst the hustle and bustle of Asian markets and not to be pushed and shoved during rush hour. I want to become more educated on life and meet interesting people across the globe. And lastly, not to panic when things go wrong as these often make the best stories.

Can you relate to why I want to travel the world? If so, start packing!

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5 Replies to “My reasons to travel the world.”

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  2. I use to always tell you don’t speak to strangers when you was younger. Don’t go off on your own, don’t walk anywhere that’s too lonely. Well your all grown and I will still say the same things to you before you leave but, I also want you to have the time of your life, live it to the full and experience all that you can………..However I will invest in some pepper spray and self defence classes for you. Love you very much Mam xxx

  3. I am the same way. I never feel whole unless I am traveling, taking pictures, meeting people and writing. Then, I am my complete self. I can come back to my family etc. whole and happy-at least until the urge to travel strikes again.

    1. thatwanderlustboho says: Reply

      That travel urge keeps me going sometimes. I love the excitement surrounding travelling. Always learning and appreciating things ☺️

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