Kowloon Peak: A must do hike in Hong Kong. Here’s everything you need to know

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Kowloon Peak: A must do hike in Hong Kong. Here’s everything you need to know

Hong Kong is known for many things but one of its most well known attributes is its incredible skyline. A stay in Hong Kong is not complete without hiking Kowloon Peak.

Things to know about Kowloon Peak

Kowloon Peak is also known as Suicide Cliff which is pretty daunting in itself. There have been fatalities on this hike so it is advised to hike with extreme caution. Kowloon Peak is 603m high with stunning views the entire way up. It is a very steep hike and, depending on the trail you choose can involve rock climbing. The hike is an average of 3.5 hours so if you plan to go for sunset make sure you get up there early enough as it would be extremely dangerous in the dark. It’s fair to say that this hike is not for the faint hearted.

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My scary experience

The hike was steep from the beginning and the trail was very narrow so we had to stop if people needed to pass. We were walking for quite some time and then came to a cross roads. Left or right? We chose to go right not realising the difficulty ahead. The hike gradually got steeper and steeper until we came to a spot we could rest. There were a group of people sat waiting for two friends who seemed to be having a difficult time.

We waited patiently until I realised the couple were really struggling. We approached and offered helped when I noticed the girl was having a panic attack and couldn’t move from where she was standing. Max stepped in and held her securely with her partner whilst being extremely careful not to lose balance on the steep slope and got her on to the flat ground safely. This freaked us both out and the others advised us not to climb but we were already over half way.

Almost there

We proceeded with extreme caution and hiked up very slowly. I had no idea we would end up rock climbing in parts which meant no looking down for around 15 minutes. The adrenaline was pumping. After the risky climb it was mainly steep again with a clear path- a huge relief. We had a rest and then finally got to the Peak where the view took our breath away.

The hike was definitely worth it and even though it was risky we still enjoyed the adventure (sorry parents). It also taught me to do more research for hikes in future.

How to get there

Take the MTR to Choi Hung station and head to exit A2. Grab a taxi (it’s on the meter and isn’t far so very cheap) or you can catch the bus to Fei Ngo Shan Road. The path for Kowloon Peak starts at the bottom of this road. Look for this sign (pictured below) on the left as you go up and turn left up this road/path way.

kowleen peak Hong Kong

Once you are on the trail it’ll lead you to a cross roads in the path. Take the path on the LEFT it has red ribbons to point you the correct way. The path on the right is extremely steep and involves rock climbing. Continue on the path for around 15-20mins and you will see the Peak on your approach.

path to Kowloon Peak Hong Kong

What to take

Here a few things I’d advise taking for your hike:

• Sensible footwear, NO sandals. I wore Vans and managed OK but I would suggest hiking boots or good trainers

• Comfortable/athletic clothing

• Mosquito spray

• First aid kit (just to be safe)

• Don’t hike alone

• Avoid hiking when raining or wet

• Take your reusable water bottle if you don’t have please take your empty bottles home with you.

• And of course, take your camera 🙂


I hope you enjoy wandering on this hike, just remember not to wander the wrong way for this one 😉

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