You know you’re a 90’s kid when…

Remember the good old days of being young and the only thing you cared about was your Tamagotchi? Yeah, I miss those days…

Growing up in the 90’s

Maybe I’m biased because I was born in the nineties, but I think the nineties were the best decade ever! Being brought up in this decade makes me truly value what we had. We’d make the most out of everything. Nowadays it saddens me seeing youngsters not really being youngsters. Like, have you ever jumped in a river? Or, made a den up the mountain? My Mother was forever cursing me for the state I’d go home in. The joys of having an older brother and trying to copy his every move. But, I was one pretty good skateboarder. I thank him for that at least.


Fashion or fashion faux pas

Nineties fashion has made a re-appearance in recent years. Trends like Hi- waist ripped jeans, chokers and space buns, to name a few. I even believe the ‘Rachel do’ will make a comeback. If you don’t know what that is then you need to go home and watch every episode of Friends now. Countless girls had their hearts broken by their incompetent hairdressers (their thoughts, not mine) during that fad!

What I wore on the other hand, may not be considered fashionable. Family photographs kindly remind me of my multi-coloured Sweater shop jumpers and dungarees. Usually my brothers hand me downs, thanks Mam! It wasn’t until I started making my own fashion choices that I felt fashionable. Hello Tammy Girl! Where wearing a ‘Babes with attitude’ tee, paired with platforms was considered cool. No, I’m serious, it really was! Well I certainly thought so…


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Memorable music

You cannot mention the 90’s without mentioning the music. The 90’s showcased some of the worlds greatest stars in the world. As a kid I was obsessed, I mean OBSESSED with The Spice Girls. GIRL POWER! I had their posters all over my room, I had the figures, the watch, the Cadbury’s chocolates and the Chupa Chups tin! You get the picture. But, then Geri had to go and ruin it didn’t she?! The year 1998 will forever remind me of my first heartbreak. Remember ‘Goodbye’, excuse me while I grab a tissue..

My Nan made me keep these as one day they’ll be ‘worth thousands’

Thankfully it wasn’t all bad as 1998 seen the birth of Britney Spears- my next obsession! I knew and still know every song off by heart and had “Oh baby! Baby” down.I was such a fan I made my R.E shrine about Britney. I also kept it for a long time afterwards… Ssh!  I loved her so much I felt like I betrayed her when I started to like Christina. How could I do that?!

You’re probably reading this thinking I had the worst taste in music, but it wasn’t until my late teens that I really appreciated bands such as Oasis and Nirvana. Now, as a 27 year old I listen to all kinds of music. It’s the bohemian within me 🙂

90’s memories…

Too many to talk about so, here is a list of some 90’s classics.

  • You listened to Steps, Bewitched, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Destiny’s Child… All were some of my fave music.

  • Your after school TV consisted of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Queens Nose and Kenan and Kel. Who loves orange soda?
  • Saturday morning TV was the highlight of your Saturday. Bring back SMTV Live. Que Wonky Donkey being stuck in your head.
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  • You had a crush on Angel from Buffy. No? Bite me 😉
  • The toys were epic! I actually had all the toys pictured below. Talk about nostalgia.

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  • You remember the first Play Station coming out. And if you was a fan of The Spice Girls you had their game. Anyone else remember Gex Enter the Gecko?


  • You filled the Pokemon sticker book and would fight over the shiny ones.
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  • Pogs were a thing.
  • You had a collection of Polly Pocket’s.
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  • The dial up tone to connect to the internet.
  • Buying magazines such as Sugar, Mizz and Sabrina’s secrets out of your pocket money.
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  • Playing Sonic the Hedgehog on Nintendo Mega Drive.
  • Competing with Yoyos on the school playground.
  • You had an air bag and chair.

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  • McDonald’s actually did decent toys.
  • Chatting on msn and sending ‘nudges’ to annoy friends. ASL guys?
  • Worrying about how many ‘share the luvs’ you had on bebo.
  • The Animals of the Farthing Wood. I absolutely loved this programme. I still have the VHS!

  • You owned a pair of trouser skirts.

I could go on and on but these were some of my favourite memories of the 90’s. We all crave nostalgia because we’re missing something from our lives. It’s a chance for us to reconnect with our inner child. And I have thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with mine.


I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


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  1. OMG! The outfits my parents would dress me in were absolutely horrendous! HA! But I am actually glad chokers made a come out 🙂 !


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