How to find Noosa’s hidden gem: Paradise Caves

paradise caves Noosa

How to find Noosa’s hidden gem: Paradise Caves

Noosa is world renowned for its world class surf and tropical beauty. Hidden amongst one of Noosa’s best assets- Noosa National Park is Paradise Caves. This hidden gem still remains unknown to many locals so it really is a secret spot and once you find it, you’ll be amazed.

paradise caves Noosa

Paradise Caves

To get to this hidden gem involves a mini adventure as it’s not easy to find. Hidden in the vast rock face of Noosa National Park lies a huge cave- Paradise Caves. Venture off the beaten track to explore this beauty and bring your swimmers to bathe in the many rock pools just outside of the cave. If you really want adventure take some firewood and spark a camp fire within the cave and enjoy star gazing from this fantastic viewpoint.

Noteif you do plan to make a camp fire please take all rubbish with you and leave no trace behind.

How to get there

The easiest way to access this cave is by entering Noosa National Park via the Sunshine Beach hinterland section. Walk to the first view point (top of the first lot of steps) and you should see a faint path leading to the cliff face. As you get to the edge you will need to scramble down the rock face so wear sensible shoes. I wouldn’t recommend children to do this as it is a big drop down. You can only access the cave at low tide, ensure you check the tide times beforehand.

Sunshine beach is a 10 minute drive from Noosa Heads. You could also access the caves from the north of Noosa National Park. The trek would be around 10km from the entrance of Noosa National Park (Noosa Heads main entrance).

map of paradise cavesmap of paradise caves

I have pinned parking and the rough location of the caves on the map above.

Exact coordinates are 26°23′43.08″S 153°07′01.1″E

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how to find Noosa's hidden gem: paradise caves


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