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Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog and I hope you enjoyed my latest post ‘I left my heart in Bali part 2’ A few of my Instagram followers voted for a ‘get to know me’ blog post and also asked me this list of cool questions, so here it is.

1. @alicetaylor11 -If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

That’s a tough question. I haven’t seen all that I’d like to see but if I was to live somewhere for a long period of time then maybe Italy. That’s what came to mind. It’s not too hot or too cold and there is so much to see and do. I feel like Italy has a lot of character, and a lot to offer. Art, history, architecture, fashion, food & umm, PIZZA! So, yes I would live in Italy ??

2. @amyparkermakeup – what’s the one thing you can’t live without when travelling?

Only one thing? Obviously my family, it’s hard not to have them around all the time, especially my pooch. But, if you meant an item it’d have to be sun protection. I’m so careful with my skin and I burn rather easily so I can’t live without it.

3. @kirstylovescake – what do you miss most about home when you’re away?

I’d have to say just that. Home. It’s that feeling of complete comfort, being so at ease in your home surroundings. Being home means being close to my family and everything that makes me feel relaxed. When you’re away, as much as you may love your temporary home it never has the same affect on you.

4. @sueanneodonnell – where is the one place you have made a magical memory?

A magical memory… Love this question. It would be Gili Trawangan. I love watching the sunset and Gili T was probably one of the best sunsets I’ve seen, that and the Santorini sunset. My boyfriend and myself were sat on the beach watching the sunset, listening to reggae music, no phones just each other’s company watching the beautiful sky change before us. That was magical.

5. @rosylornie – If you could only pack one make-up item to take away, what would it be and why?

My MAC girls are going to laugh at me but, it’d be my Lingering brow pencil. It’s the easiest and quickest brow product I’ve used. I go through them so quickly! I seriously can’t live without it!

6. @hanban_8 – how do you choose where to go next? I really struggle to decide on where to go next…

I struggle too. There’s so much to see. I guess I choose by researching places that have stood out to me. For instance, I have my list of places but no idea of the order I’d like to do it in. I have ideas of things to do etc and then I might see a post on Instagram of a place that i’d like to see and it looks better than you expected. That kind of pushes me to go there. Instagram is my main inspiration for travel ideas.

7. @survivalstance – if you could pick any country in the world to get married, which would you choose?

Did you just pop the question? (This is my boyfriend for those that don’t know) Lol! It’d be France or Italy purely for their vineyards and amazing scenery. I’ve always liked the idea of an outdoor wedding and for that we’d need good weather.

8. @pacifiquegirl – what are the top 5 on your dream list of places to visit next?

Dream places to visit next… This is hard. Umm… No particular order but 1. Pacific Islands 2. Hawaii 3. Samoa 4. South Africa 5. South America – Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil. Can that count as 5 haha!

9. Leah – what started your passion for travelling?

Travelling was always an escape from reality for me. Not that I’m escaping anything in particular but it’s an opportunity to see things with a different perspective. I also love learning and travelling teaches you so much, not just about the places and people but about yourself. It’s full of life lessons.

10. Leah- And, how does it affect positive and/or negative on your anxiety?

I feel at my absolute best when travelling. Realistically, travelling to different places means you get to start fresh and that feels good. I still have my days where I may feel slightly anxious about where to go or what if I get lost, but I think that’s only natural to feel like that.

11. @k3yltaylor – Where is your next planned adventure?

My next trip will be Rome in January for my birthday. I can’t wait to finally see the beautiful city and I’m going to the Vatican ?? This will be my last trip before I go travelling so it’ll be adventure packed.

12. @lautruelove – what’s your favourite country to visit?

I absolutely love Greece. I’ve been to Rhodes, Corfu and Santorini and they are all so different. Greece has so much to offer. I’d like to go to Athens & Zakynthos next ☺️

13. @lautruelove – And, what’s it like having a surfer boyfriend and putting up with his holiday needs?

To be completely honest, I love it. I wouldn’t know what I know about surfing or the ocean if it wasn’t for Max. His only holiday needs is that we go somewhere where there’s surf lol! Or if we go somewhere without surf it’s not for long as we know about those surfer blues, right?

14. @beauty_by_becci Do you have any phobias?

Umm, I wouldn’t say like a legit phobia but I’m absolutely petrified of crocodiles & alligators. Even seeing them on TV makes me feel uncomfortable. There is a reason behind this fear ? When I was in Mexico we went jet skiing through the lagoon. This jet ski trip was a jungle one, and the jungle/lagoon was known to have alligators. So, everyone had to be briefed on what to do if we saw one etc. Everything was going great until we headed back and my jet ski cut out. Right next to the long grassy, jungle looking part. A big boat just so happened to go past and caused my jet ski to rock back and forth, almost toppeling. By this point I had a complete meltdown thinking I was going to get eaten by an alligator and my parents rock up laughing their heads off cause I was freaking out and ugly crying. I think that’s where the fear stemmed from ?

15. @leoniemanuel_ what would be your last meal if you was on death row?

You already know the answer to this question but it’s my fave -PIZZA!!

16. @hannahkempmakeupartist – What’s your biggest fear when travelling?

Im not really sure I have a specific fear as such but I do worry about some things. For instance, flying can sometimes give me those doubts. I think everyone gets those. The worst is probably thinking ‘what if something happened when I’m away’- I’d feel pretty helpless. These are more like worries rather than fears which I guess most people have when going on their travels.

17. Anthony Connors- If you weren’t a make up artist what would you do?

This was actually a topic of conversation I had today. I’ve always had an interest in mental health and would consider maybe doing a counselling course or something OR I would totally be working with animals and helping to better/save the environments they are living in.

18. Anthony Connors- And if you could do one person’s make up who’s famous, who would it be?

Hmm, I’d love to do Lady Gaga’s Makeup! She has an amazing face and isn’t scared to be bold- the looks could be endless ❤️

19. @lisacaldognettomakeup What’s been the highlight of your travels and career?

The highlight of my travels was definitely Bali. Bali was a dream of mine for a long time. As for career highlight- definitely getting a job on MAC. I’m hoping this year I will be able to join the events team, that would be the cherry on top!

20. And, What’s your ultimate holiday plan? Where? Who with? When?

My ultimate holiday plan would be to leave in October 2018. I’ll be going with my boyfriend Max and hopefully meet friends on our travels. Places I’m planning/hoping on going to are (no specific order, still thinking of the order lol) 1. Sri Lanka 2. Myanmar 3. Thailand 4. Laos 5. Vietnam 6. Laos 7. Bali 8. Lombok 9. Nusa penida 10. Pacific islands (unsure which yet) 11. Australia to work 12. Philippines Big list there. We’ll be using the cheapest travel to hopefully go to all of those places. I’d love to add South Africa to that list but I think we’d have to sacrifice a few countries ?


Thank you everyone for your questions. I’ve absolutely loved answering them and hope to do something like this again soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better ☺️

Hannah x

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