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Let’s talk about FanClubClothing

“For nostalgic souls who were told to grow up but never listened. For all the muse makers prefer music played on vinyl, who feel forever young and who roam through life like a rolling stone”-FanClubClothing.

I joined the Fan-Club

Fan-Club clothing is a brand I recently discovered on Instagram and instantly fell in love with. I’ve always loved tees with that nostalgic feel. Plus, I’m a sucker for a cute slogan. Especially when it packs a message. That gets extra brownie points!

I remember my first fan club pack from ‘Smash Hits’ magazine. It was a mini photo album with photos of Westlife, Atomic Kitten and The Spice Girls, to name a few! It’s safe to say I had plenty of Spice Girls memorabilia so those photos were going straight into my new ‘Smash Hits’ album ??‍♀️
So, that being said you can imagine how excited I was to become a Fan-Club affiliate?! It was super easy to join and if you’re interested too, you can sign up here:

… And it’s as simple as that!

Who are FAN-CLUB?

Once I became a Fan-Club affiliate I was eager to know more about the brand. So, I reached out to Fan-Club and hoped for the best!

It was a wicked surprise when I got the email with my questions answered.
Here is my mini interview with @fanclubclothing:

1. Where and when was fan club clothing established?

Fan club was born in Dec 2015, after sisters Felicity and Johanna developed a love and obsession with vintage tees after opening their vintage store back in 2013. Both sisters have always been inspired by past music style and movements, they wanted to create a clothing club which celebrated nostalgic souls, empowering women to feel like the muse they are. In just over 2 years the brand has launched four womenswear collections, featured across 5 UK Topshop stores as well as stocking our ranges across several boutiques in the EU and AUS.

2. Where do you see the brand in the next year?

I know people make yearly goals for a business or themselves, but for us so much can change in 3 months, we really wanna focus on making a super awesome summer collection. We also want fan-club to take over the world (not actually) ha! We would love to carry on expanding and stock in more and more independent stores worldwide. I suppose we wanna just continue bringing muse makers together, creating more collections and expanding our offering.

3. What or who is your biggest inspiration?

We have lots of inspirations from music legends such as ‪David Bowie‬, ‪Debbie Harry‬ and the likes to counter culture movements, art, poetry etc. I’ll let you in on a secret though, when designing we try to always ask ourselves if Jane Birkin or ‪Françoise Hardy‬ would wear or have worn pieces like this… we like to think of our brand as an independent indie rock n roll brand for ‪muse‬ makers.  Birkin definitely is a retro indie sweetheart ‪muse‬ and Hardy ticks the role for bad-ass rock n roll ‪muse‬.

4. If you could work with any celebrity who would it be?

It’s always so hard, there’s some awesome photographers, artists, influencers, celebrities out there at the minute that we are constantly thinking ooo they would be awesome to work with. I would say that although he’s now gone, having someone getting pictured by Bill Cunningham would of been the coolest. He was one of the best street style photographers that ever lived!!

5. What has been the best moment since creating fan club clothing?

It’s so hard to choose one moment, I think we both enjoy creating collections and look-books and love getting into that dream space, where you can literally picture what muse would wear this and where. I would say a few proud moments have been seeing muses rocking our pieces (you can head to our hall of fame page on our website to check out who) Another big achievement was being asked to go into Topshop stores with a range over summer. That was pretty cool.

Pinch me moments though really come when customers show us their love, from social pictures, to just a message or when your walking around and notice someone in your piece, it still just feels amazing.

Hall of Fame

The FAN-CLUB Hall of Fame is pretty awesome and must definitely add to those ‘pinch me moments’.

When I spotted Fearne Cotton in one of the sweaters I totally fan-girled! Fearne is one of my style icons so this was like an extra special touch. Make sure you check out the rest of the Hall of Fame here:

Something I really appreciate about any brand is a brand supporting a cause. And when I saw Fan-Club were reppin’ girl power I immediately wanted to get on board the girl power train! I’ve been a Spice Girls fan since 96, remember?!

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

To shop @fanclubclothing click here:

Do you need any more reasons to love Fan-Club? I know I’m a Fan-Club member for life! Are you?

Peace and love
Hannah Jean ✌?


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