Behind the scenes at Mode Fashion Show

On Sunday I was lucky enough to do some of the make-up at Mode Fashion Show taking place at Depot in Cardiff Bay. The evening was for the graduate’s show for the University of South Wales- Newport campus. I was on the 2013 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design with a couple of the designers for the show. So, going was a must and it was my first fashion show to do make-up. Yay!

Behind the scenes

Experiencing behind the scenes action was pretty exhilarating. It reminded me why I wanted a career in the make-up industry.

From designers to dressers, there was an army of people working hard for the show to come together. The amount of preparation and hard work that went into this show was amazing. Everyone was working on adrenaline, running around with items of clothing, looking for the next model to dress. Timing is everything and everything is fast pace, so you need to be quick. Some might say it was organised chaos but I loved it.

The Collections

The collections were out of this world! The fact that these were designed by students blew me away. In some ways students are underestimated, the students I met yesterday were SO talented. The work, quality and research behind the collections were truly inspiring. I was in awe and would totally consider wearing some of the pieces.

Meet the designers

While at the show there were a few collections that really wowed me. It was really hard to narrow down to so few, but here are a few of my favourites. I asked the designers what was the inspiration behind the collections…


“My collection PHANE // EXISTENCE is inspired by the mining community in Blaenavon and the how the coal industry helped and hindered so many lives. The pony hair element runs throughout the garments to reflect the pit ponies and the role they had in not only the running and work side of coal mining but how they kept moral in the pit.  Phane comes from Greek mythology. The generator of life and God of creativity. It is believed that Zeus destroyed Phane in order to absorb his powers and, in turn lead to the Greek Gods that we know today. So, he lives on through the power that the new olympians have.  But apart from that it looks like the second half of my first name .. stePHANiE …” – Steffy Maddocks.

Forever Friday Clothing

Photographer- Denu_Wave Models- Francessca Taddeo and Ffion Williams

” My collection’s inspired by 80’s culture and Clueless. It’s the idea of dressing like every day is the weekend, for the fearless and confident woman.”- Katie Davies.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

“So, the idea behind my collection was all pastels and confectionery filled with textures, sparkles and comfort. I wanted something fun, sweet like candy. It took approximately 6 weeks to put the collection together as they were hand knitted by myself. My knitted pieces took the longest.”
This collection was designed by Harriet Kate. When I saw this outfit on the runway, I immediately fell in love. I NEED this coat in my life! Such a beautiful piece, look at that lining. Just wow!


The Make-up

Last but not least, here are a few shots of the make-up I created on my models. All MAC products were used. Photographed by myself 🙂

Models (left to right)- Nia Grocott, Oliver Chesire, Elle Cretney & Nia Grocott.

Designers (left to right)- Trinitie Norton, Bethany Fletcher, Unknown, Trinitie Norton & Asylum.



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