Bali on a budget

Bali temple
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Booking Bali has been the highlight of my year. I’ve wanted to go there for so long and now I’m able to say, I’M GOING TO BALI! Woo! In this post I will explain how I booked Bali on a budget. So, make yourself a cuppa, this is pretty in-depth.

The first thing I did was book my flights. I always search for flights through Skyscanner cause it does all the hard work for you. Then I picked the best deal, which was with STA Travel and flying with Malaysian Airlines. I was also really happy that there was only a 1 hour transfer stop in Kuala Lumpur.


Because I’m treating this holiday as a backpacking trip for 2 weeks (I couldn’t get anymore time off work), I am staying in a few different locations. My first stop…


For me, Ubud was a must see, being the cultural heart of Bali. Full of traditional arts and crafts, surrounded by rain forest’s and incredible temples. The things to do are endless. But, here’s a few examples – The Sacred Monkey Forest, Mount Batur, Tegenungan Waterfall and The Rice Paddies. I decided to stay in Ubud for 4 nights because I’ll probably need to recover from the 16 hour flight and I wanted to ensure I saw everything on my list. This brings me on to the hotel I’m staying at… It. Is. INSANE! I set off planning things really cheap but then I saw this hotel and I just had to stay here. Take a look at the Alam Ubud Villa & Residences.

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Can you see why I fell in love with this place? The room I’ve booked also included breakfast which is a plus.

HOTEL COST- £290pp

My next location…


Now, Seminyak is a lot more lively and definitely the place to go for cocktails on the beach. I decided to stay here for 2 nights. A few places I’ve been recommended to go to are, Potato Head Beach Club, La La Guna and La Plancha.

Traditional balinese umbrellas on a beach bar in Seminyak
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For the stay here I’m staying at a villa with a private room and booked this through Airbnb.


My next location, and I’m SO excited to be able to go here…

Gili Trawangan

I’m going to see the turtles, yay! OK! So, I’m a bit excited to see the turtles. I’m an animal lover and love sea creatures. While staying on Gili T, I’m planning to visit Gili Meno and Gili Air. While here, I will be mainly snorkeling, turtle seeking and more snorkeling.

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My home for 2 nights will be, none other than a tree house! YES! It had to be done and it was so cheap.


The next location I am really excited about. I am staying at The Ayana Resort and Spa! I have dreamed about staying here! It has 12 swimming pools! 12! I’ve heard so many positive things about it. The sunset on the rock pool bar looks out of this world!

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I’m only staying here one night due to wanting to do this on a budget. I booked this through


And finally, my last location…


A must if you have a surfer boyfriend, like me. Uluwatu has some of the best surf spots in the world. It attracts surfers from all over. This is where I wish I could surf, but no matter how hard I try, it’s just not happening. (I have ridden a few waves, I just had to get that in there)… Here, I will be exploring the beautiful beaches, caves and temples.

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Uluwatu will be my home for the last 5 nights of my trip. I booked a beach villa with our own private room through Airbnb.



I understand that to some this may not seem that cheap, but you can make Bali as cheap or expensive as you like. If you want to budget more, there are so many cheap and reasonable places to stay. I highly recommend Airbnb because this was where I found the cheapest of stays. Since I wanted a little bit of luxury,I don’t mind paying for that.

Now all I need to do is save some spending money. Roll on September!

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