A Vietnam adventure part 1

cu chi tunnels in ho chi Minh, Vietnam

A Vietnam adventure part 1

It’s been some time since I shared a more personal blog post with you so, if you remember (long blog post tradition), grab a cuppa, sit back and I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in Vietnam…

The plan? South to North of Vietnam.

How long? 2 weeks

Who with? Max, Merry (my brother), Alice (my brothers girlfriend) and me.

Budget? £800 between Max and myself.

Hello Vietnam

Max and I travelled to Ho Chin Minh via bus from Phnom Penh. It took around 6 hours to get to HCM including all the stops. Crossing the border was a little nerve racking but more so exciting as I was going to see my brother and Alice (his girlfriend). Something we’d both been looking forward to for so long. Max and I (mostly Max) pretty much keep to ourselves so having 2 new humans to interact with was a HUGE deal. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh and got to our hostel. To our surprise it was a little smaller than expected. Telling my brother this was going to be fun haha! We got to Ho Chi Minh one day before Merry and Alice were due to arrive and so we planned to surprise them at the airport.

Surprise surprise… Or not?!

We headed to the airport just before Merry and Alice’s flight was due to arrive. I’ve always wanted to do something like this so I was super excited. We wrote a sign with a big “MERRY AND ALICE” in bold (slightly messy) hand writing and waited for them in suspense. Max finally spotted them and so we stood right in front of the spot they had to walk pass. There I was, waving my sign and they both walked straight passed me ? I followed along side Alice still waving my sign but she avoided eye contact until I tapped her and there it was the big “Oh my gosh! Hiiiii!!” She thought I was trying to sell her something so pretended not to notice me whilst Merry just did not see me (I was stood directly in front of him) He blames it on the jet lag… So, after a failed airport surprise we headed back to the hostel where we had bigger fish to fry… Who’s going on top bunk?!

… In case you wondered it was Me and Max who ended up on top bunk.

Ho Chi Minh

How long– 4 days

There’s plenty to see and do in Ho Chi Minh but instead of exploring we decided to spend some time catching up with each other. We did, however, get to go to these places:

  • Tanh Dinh Sacred Heart Church
  • War Remnants Museum
  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Bui Vien Street
  • Binh Quoi Village

giant lily pads at Binh quoi village in ho chi minh, vietnam pink church in ho chi Minh

cu chi tunnels in ho chi Minh, Vietnam
Family snap at Cu Chi Tunnels

Where not to stay ft the vibrating hostel

We accidentally stayed on one of the busiest streets in Saigon- Bui Vien Street. This place was party central. I have never heard music played so loud in my life, so loud that our hostel vibrated from 8pm-4am which meant little to zero sleep due to the noise. If partying is your thing then Bui Vien street is the perfect place to go. If you want to stay somewhere close to most of the action I’d recommend staying close to this street but not too close as you can hear the music at least a block away.

Next stop– Nha Trang via night bus

Did somebody say luxury night bus?

After experiencing a night bus in Laos I kinda lost all hope of any sort of “luxury” bus. We took a gamble and decided to book one to go to Nha Trang.

A brief heads up- some companies claim to use luxury buses but they tend turn out to be the complete opposite.

I gave Merry and Alice the heads up and when the bus arrived, to our surprise it was actually LUXURY. It was the best sleeper bus ever and all for $12 each. The shop where we booked from is called Trang Num Travel on Pham Ngu Lao Road.

luxury sleeper bus in ho chi Minh

Nha Trang

How long– 2 days

We had no idea what to expect when heading to Nha Trang. We mainly wanted to go here to see Baho waterfall and it did not disappoint. (There’ll be more info on this beautiful spot on upcoming Vietnam blogs). Whilst here we visited Baho waterfalls and cliff jumped, learnt to surf at Bai Dai beach and watched the blood moon from Nah Trang beach.

Baho waterfall in ha trang, vietnam

cliff jumping at Baho waterfallscliff jumping at baho waterfalls, Vietnam

surfing at Bai Dai beach nah trang

Next stop– Hoi An via night bus no.2

Hoi An

How long– 2 days (1 night)

Hoi An is such a charming town and we all wish we could have stayed longer. On our first day we explored the old town by bikes, saw the beautiful Japanese bridge, we lost Alice and found her again and then wandered the magical lantern market at night. It was amazing. The next day we planned a visit to My Son but sadly I had to stay behind as I was unwell. For sunset we went on a basket boat tour and gosh this was an adventure. It was a very short tour but we had so many laughs and the drivers of the basket boats put on one heck of a show. Far from what we thought would be a chilled sunset ride ?

colourful lanterns in hoi an, vietnam

basket boat tour in hot an, Vietnam

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure so far. Part 2 coming soon…

Part 2 includes- Da Nang, Hue, Hanoi and a disastrous trip to Ha Long Bay. SUBSCRIBE now not to miss it!

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