A guide to Noosa Fairy Pools

Noosa fairy pools in Noosa national park

A guide to Noosa fairy pools

Noosa Fairy Pools are a couple of beautiful, hidden rock pools deep within Noosa National Park. A stunning place full of dreamy beaches, viewpoints to watch the dolphins (and whales in the right season) and home to Australias national animal- the koala. Not to mention the world class surf scattered along the many points throughout the National Park.

Noosa fairy pools

Fairy Pools

Hidden amongst the rocks are a series of two pools to swim in. Climb down and enjoy jumping off the rocks in the crystal clear, aqua water. Spot the many fish in the pools or sit on the rocks and try your luck at dolphin spotting. If you’re lucky (and there in the right season) you may even spot some whales.

Noosa fairy pools in Noosa national park

How to get there

To find the fairy pools you will need to walk 45 minutes towards Hells Gate from the National Park car park. It’s located after Granite Bay and Picnic Cove. The path down to the fairy pools is just after a bench and some fencing. There’s a very faint path down and you will need to scramble down some rocks to access the pools. They are hidden to the eye until you reach the bottom or you can spot them by climbing up a few rocks before you decide to scramble down to the bottom.

Noosa fairy pools location

Tip- Head there early as it is a popular spot to take a dip and ensure you check the tide times before hand. Low tide is the best time to visit so be sure to check the tides before you go to avoid disappointment. Do not go in the pools at high tide as the swells are big and can be very dangerous.

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