A guide to Ba Na Hills and the Golden Hands Bridge

golden hand bridge, vietnam

A guide to Ba Na Hills & The Golden Hands Bridge

Ba Na Hills is a resort and theme park situated in Truong Son Mountains, it’s almost a whopping 1,400m above sea level. There are many attractions at Ba Na Hills including the popular Golden Hands Bridge. The Golden Hand Bridge is no regular bridge. After opening in June 2018 the bridge has since gone viral. Set in a place that can only be described like Jurassic Park. It’s a place like no other and a definite must see.

golden hand bridge at ba na hill, da nang, Vietnam

I hope you find this guide useful in some way. We only spent a few hours there as we were limited for time. This meant we couldn’t take many photos for my blog and instagram. Here’s a few iPhone snaps of our day instead 🙂

Getting there

Ba Na Hills is situated 35km from central Da Nang and approximately 70km from Hoi An. There are tours which go there regularly but the easiest and quickest way is by a private transfer. You can arrange with a driver how long you’d like to stay etc so it’s worth the extra cost.

The entrance

There are many things to do whilst visiting Ba Na Hills starting with the amazing cable car. (You will need to use the cable car to get to the top and you do this after you’ve purchased your ticket).

The cable car which ascends into the mountains is one of the most scenic views you’ll ever cast eyes on and it lasts 20 minutes long. It is the longest single cable car ride in the world and holds the Guinness World Record.

gondala ride to ba na hills, da nang

Things to do

At the park you will find a rollercoaster, a French Village, wax museum and a Fantasy Park called Sun World. You’ll also find flower gardens, the Shakyamuni statue and Linh Ung pagoda. A popular spot is the amusement park which is like a giant arcade. It’s has video games, bumper cars and more. Whilst there try the toboggans, it’s super fun!

There is a funicular railway which transports you between the different stations. It’s worth using the free map provided as it’s easy to get lost there.

sun world, da nang, Vietnam

Did you know Ba Na Hills was established by French Colonists in 1919?

Getting a photo of the Golden Hands Bridge

Like most places, going very early in the morning to shoot is your best option. Unless it’s Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is busy ALL day and busiest at sunrise…

A few people have mentioned that they successfully took photos very early at the bridge, however some have said that it’s busy almost all day. I went there mid-afternoon and it was heaving. We managed to get a photo by waiting for a WHILE to get a clear shot and by luck we managed to do it by acting quickly. We did go back before closing and the bridge was almost empty. I’d recommend giving that a try as the view looked even more beautiful as the sun was setting.


golden hand bridge at ba na hill, da nang, Vietnam

 vs Reality

crowded golden hands bridge, Vietnam


Is Ba Na Hills worth the hype?

I think so. The cable car to the top was amazing in itself, let alone seeing the Golden Hand Bridge in person. It’s so impressive. The theme park is pretty small but it has character. I’d recommend spending the day there to make the most of it. Many have complained about the ticket price but it’s more or less the same as what you’d pay back home at a theme park. Except it’s better because it’s Vietnam 😉

Cost: Entrance to Ba Na Hills Sun World costs 700,000 VND (£25)

Opening times: 7:30am-9:30pm although some attractions close around 5pm.

What to take: Camera, packed lunch, sun cream and a jacket as the climate is very cool.

gondola ride ba na hills

Where to stay

You could stay in the park at Morin Hotel to get the full experience but that would cost $$$

We stayed in Da Nang city at The Pergola Design Hotel which I highly recommend. The staff were friendly and helpful, it was very clean and comfortable at a budget price.

Other things worth seeing in Da Nang are:

The Dragon Bridge & The Marble Mountains.

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