A guide to Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, Laos

That Wanderlust boho at Kuang Is falls in Laos

Everything you need to know about Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si falls is high on many bucket lists of those heading to Laos and I can tell you it definitely should be!

Getting there

To get to Kuang Si falls you will need to hire a scooter or transport of your choice. It’s 45 minutes away from Luang Prabang town and the drive there is incredible so I’d highly recommend hiring a scooter. This way you can stop whenever you want to soak it all in. You can also stop to cuddle puppies on your way ?

that wanderlust boho riding a scooter in Laos

About the falls

When you arrive you will pass through a small village. Here you will find many local restaurants to grab some food before you head to the falls as you’ll more than likely spend the entire day there. Kuang Si falls consists of 5 waterfalls with some that you can swim in so be sure to take swim wear with you. The falls are the most beautiful I have seen, this place cannot be missed.

That Wanderlust boho at Kuang Is falls in Laos

*The falls open at 8am, try to be there a bit earlier to have time for breakfast. Although going earlier does help if you want photos with no people, the place is busy, ALL day! Just be patient and you’ll get your shot.

Tickets cost 10,000kip each.

Waterfall Heaven

Once you’ve got your tickets head on in and take the small path on the right. You will need to walk through a small bear sanctuary to get to the falls. After the bears, you’ll find the first small waterfall. Shortly after is the second. The second fall being the best one to swim in and take that famous insta shot. If you’re going in January be prepared as the water is refreshingly cold to say the least. The third, fourth and fifth waterfalls you can’t swim in, the fifth being the big waterfall.

That wanderlust boho in kiang is falls, Laos

The big waterfall

What I didn’t know before going here was how big this waterfall really is. It’s huge and the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen. On top of that, you can CLIMB the waterfall. Ok, well not climb the exact waterfall but there is a path on both sides that lead up to the top. As you go up you will reach a set of stairs which are a waterfall in themselves. Hold on to the rails as they can get slippery. After the stairs it gets a littler steeper but the top is not far. Once you get on the top there is a small lagoon with a swing. Not to mention the incredible viewpoint. I was so surprised.

that wanderlust boho at kuang is falls, Luang Prabang

Tip* take sensible footwear with you if you plan to do the hike. The hike up takes 20-30 minutes. Also, some say to take flip flops that you can wear in the water due to the stones in the pools. I didn’t take any flip flops and got on ok.

Thank you for wandering around Kuang Si Falls with me, I hope you enjoyed.

If you have any questions about Kuang Si waterfalls or Laos please leave a comment or send me a DM on Instagram.


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  2. BONNIE HOFFMAN says: Reply

    I just had a hip replacement and I know I won’t get to the top, but what is the walk like at least to the bridge. That might be a good place to turn around. I may use a cane part of the way. I’m wondering about incline and distance from beginning to the bridge. I appreciate any insight you can give ….to someone who is just beginning to walk again.

    1. Hi Bonnie, I hope you’re healing up nicely. The walk from the gate into the waterfall area is very accessible. There is slight incline in some spots but I wouldn’t deem it hard it anyway. If you took your time and got dropped off as close as possible i think you’d be fine to walk around. You can cross the bridge and turn around on the other side with ease. I’d recommend going as early as possible to beat the crowds. I hope you have an amazing time 🧡


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